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About CSLal Karna

Chandra shekhar Lal karna

Chandra Shekhar Lal Karn, lovingly called Baba (grandfather) was born on 01st magh 1989 BS

He was a well-respected politician, socialite, Maithili poet and novelist. He was a deep thinker and broad-minded person. His approach to society is different and progressive. He believed in equality and have a deep concern for marginalized society. He never discriminates against people based on caste, religion, gender, colour. 

He always worked to bring change to society, raises voice against discrimination, corruption which we can witness through his poem and literature. 

Social Achievements

He believed in social justice, equality, social inclusion. He worked for women’s empowerment, eliminate indifference in the society based on castes, religion, colour, gender. He is considered to be the greatest and most famous literary figure in Nepal.

He succeed to uplift the ghumto paratha, dash paratha and chhuwachhut(untough ability) in society.


Literature work and Honour.

Karn contributed to Maithili literature through Poems, essays, novels. Always asked serious questions with authority on the social indifference, Government, corruption, inequality with satire approach.

Some of his popular works include the Ham Nepali hum Nepal, Suli par sant, sabta dagh dekhar, mangal dhwani.

 Honoured with the title of The Peace Ambassador, Nepal Vidhyapati Puraskar, Nepal Pragya Prathisthan, Samagik Sewa Pushkar and many more.

Political engagement and achievement

Chandra Shekar Lal Karn has conducted rallies to abolished untouchability, Dash paratha, Ghugat paratha. Stands for the Parliament election. He was called a people leader. His personality was well respected and accepted by people. Everyone calls him Baba that’s means head of the family.